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Thread: new to fire bellied toads

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    Wow that is stinky .. Ya I am not sure what is wrong with one of my FBTS he started getting fat but would still eat and his color was great he would move around then he had these spasm just for a few hours straight and then he was better but still acts drunk and moves his head side to side looking up in the air.. I got him from someone I have no idea how they had the tank set up for him. but he seems to do fine but thats what I am wondering if he has swallowed something and cant pass it idk.. I have big pebble rocks in there as big as there head and bigger so I know it couldnt come from me . My husband told me maybe hes just old and I just laughed lol

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    Trying to send you pictures but your box is to full lol Jason.. Also my frog is spasin again I dont get it and it wasent until I picked him up to put him in the other tank to clean and back into there home other two are fine

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    Send me a video of its spamming? Your husband could be right in that it's maybe just old, but since the pet shop gave you the wrong supplements it could also be because of that. It might improve after a few weeks of using Calcium Plus, but if it's far gone it may never be 100% again

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    Quote Originally Posted by alane View Post
    Do you have any idea what sort of intensity the frogs need? 4W is one of the smaller bulbs.
    Here is another article that might help you......

    There are quite a few good articles under the "Husbandry Documents" tab here

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    Good lord. Very technical articles. People have studied this stuff a lot.

    For me, I guess it means I should replace my LED hood with a Fluorescent hood so that I have access to an array of proper lighting.

    I added more 'land' to my tank, both high and low. The frogs love the low spots only. These frogs want to stay close to the water. They'll go to the higher spots to stalk a cricket.

    Since my tank and filter are new, it's gonna cycle like an aquarium. It's tests for a small amount of ammonia now, so I add to the mix some goo from my outdoor pond filter, which has been stable for years. The frogs left the water IMMEDIATELY when it got muddy and went back in only after it was clear for a while. I hope it isn't a mistake to cycle water with frogs, but that what I got.

    Two of my males are getting real dark. I'm sure that three of the six are males based on calling. The rest, not sure. Most make the 'release' sound, but one does not and just struggles. It's not clear to me if an unreceptive female makes a release sound or not. The internet is full of conflicting information.

    They like to 'squish'. I try to avoid any traps in the aquarium that might pin a frog. But I find that these fellows now and then want to cram themselves in between a pair of rocks. When they swim around, if they are given a choice between open water and squishing through something, they always squish through. So I set a rock close to the glass wall of the aquarium and when they want to cram themselves into a crevice, I can see it. They don't seem to want a shelter as much as fully body contact with rocks. Probably to prevent another frog from getting on their back.

    I've watched one 'periodically spasm' and when I looked closely in the water, I could see that it was shedding.

    Antics. Now I have to figure out the best way to get videos of them; they are very small subjects.

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    Hmm I might need to pay more attention that is so strange.. shedding... when he first started doing his weird spasms I was worried about him or her its really fat and over a few weeks got that way but it was a pig for the most part when it came to feeding now he or she will eat two is all . but back to spasms the other day when I cleaned its tank and put them back in the tank he/ she was going around and around in circles for a few seconds then would stop .. now this is new to me I looked over and at that time he was on a rock and was makeing that gaging shedding face but did it twice and then kept twitching and going around in circles. Now if he or she is in the water it does it quite often but if its in a corner behind a plant like its hiding it just sits there and does nothing.. Right now he is in the water close to a rock holding onto a plant and sitting there just fine .. at the mean time one of my other toads keeps barking and sneaking to it real close and hops on it and the one with issues has a problem and makes this bird noise and the other one gets off after a second but comes back to do it some more. This is my first time having Fire bellies and I guess like jason said trial and error and live and as you learn ..Hopefully I can figure it out soon though cause its driving me insane !

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    Well, i'm done with small crickets for sure. These adult FBTs appear to be able to take down the largest of crickets. It'll be a double swallow, one for the body and another to get the legs out of the mouth.

    I've noticed that these frogs have a behavior where they will drown their larger prey. Much of the time if they snap up food this large, they will sink to the bottom of the tank and sit there for a bit. Then they chow down. I didn't see that behavior with a cricket that they could down in one gulp.

    Much easier to deal with smaller amounts of large crickets than feeding them scads of small ones. Just two crickets makes 'em go "catatonic" as in "I cannot eat another cricket, I am stuffed. Well maybe in an hour, come back later." When they stop propping themselves up with their front legs, they are *full*.

    I've also noticed that an old aquarium test kit is NOT to be used. This old aquarium test kit is over 10 years old and the nitrite tests no longer work.
    A new test kit shows the reality, these frogs have a high bio load. The biofilters are working but regular water changes appear to be required at a fairly high frequency if I want super clean water.
    It is time to add a real plant; I have enough nitrates.

    It's awesome to watch one of these suckers eat a large cricket. Glarbarblglahbbhbllglarb! *swallow* Burp!

    And when they are hungry, they are competitive. Last night, the first cricket dropped into the tank instantly caused three frogs to start piling on each other, whereas the other three instantly started stalking their prey. It's a real coin toss who's going to actually win and eat it.

    I've had crickets ejected from the top of the tank because of an enthusiastic jumping frog. Keep that lid closed!

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    The ammonia spike in my newly started frog tank is over! So there is hope that the biofilters will eventually make this water Very Very Clean even with six well fed frogs in just 11 gallons.
    In the nitrite spike now.
    Added a sprig of Elodea as my first live plant.
    I had to remove one of their favorite perches; the petrified wood 'rock' that I used turned out to be alkaline and was making my water rather basic.

    Also, I am still picking out a rock now and then from the tank. This is three weeks after I got them from the store. These rocks all came from the media that the frogs were sitting in at the store. The most recent pebble was rather sharp. SIX rocks or so for six frogs. Most of them came out in the first week, some took longer!

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    Default Re: new to fire bellied toads

    I have not seen it discussed much, but it does seem to me that the type of gravel and other materials you use in your viv that come in contact with water will affect it's pH if you aren't paying attention. Typically I'd expect many limestone types to drive it toward alkaline. Some worse than others. Though any rotting substrate or vegetation that is in contact with the water should drive the pH toward acidity.

    Several things to consider on the big crickets.... and this is just opinion and observations I've made during the six years I've been raising my own crickets. So if any one has a degree in entomology and cares to enlighten me......

    As crickets reach full size their exoskeleton get very hard and sharp edged. Maybe this is why they have to hold it submerged to soften it up. But it might in the long run be doing the FBT's harm. Also it seems to me that at this stage of the crickets life they don't eat as much. So they may not be as nutritious as they are not fully gut loaded.

    Of course what you are calling a big cricket might be earlier in their life cycle than what I'm describing.

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    It looks like my tank has cycled as of this morning. Undetectable nitrites. Almost undetectable <0.25ppm ammonia. 20-30ppm nitrates. 7.8pH. Elodea plant growing like stink.

    I'm happy to say that my fbt's have rather good water to swim in.

    All six mosquito fish survived the process.

    I'll have to keep an eye on it, as the bioload of six fire belly toads is pretty big and I feel i'm lucky to have gotten this to work so far. I put rather a lot of biofilter into this tank, using an oversized canister filter, wrapping the intake in filter media and also lining some of the tank with filter media. This appears to provide enough substrate to deal with the pollution. Yet there's only 11 gallons of water. So if something heads south, water quality will suffer very very quickly. And lots of vitamin powder ends up going into this tank, so it seems nutrient rich and primed for some sort of unwanted growth.

    The Elodea from PetSmart came with two other organisms: Sort sort of snail, which I have been killing when I see it. Some sort of nematode, which will cluster around any sort of rotting cricket that I miss. The mosquito fish gorge themselves on these tiny worms.

    I got to see what happens in the rare case that two frogs have grabbed the same cricket:
    First, a frog strikes at a large cricket and gets a hold of it, but half of the cricket is sticking out. Usually at this point, froggy will jump away and swallow the cricket.
    But...another frog gets a good hold of the rest of the cricket before that can happen.
    Then, immediately, all hell breaks loose. Both frogs start flailing, jumping, spinning, turning, trying to wrestle the cricket out of the other's mouth. About ten seconds of violence. The winner has one super-smashed twisted and wrecked cricket it gets to eat. The loser is angry at the winner and abuses the victor for a bit before moving on.

    I guess now I need to start finding local sources of more interesting food items for them.

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