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    Default Hello from Adam

    I'm new here. My first frog and my first post was in the Pacman forum.
    After much deliberation and watching youtube videos, I decided to get one. Found one at my local petsmart.

    I have to say that these forums are of great help with everything; setting up, dealing with crickets, etc.

    All of these youtube videos show pacman frogs that have an attitude.
    I think I got a 'sweet gentle' one.

    So small at this time, maybe an inch in each direction, length width and height. I guess he's a little longer than he is fat, and he's a little fatter than he is tall, but the one time i've handled him, he's a warm little tender marble.

    I hope to look through these forums and get lots more ideas and good advice.

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    Default Re: Hello from Adam

    Hi and welcome.
    The Pacmans with attitude were probably stressed. I hope you enjoy your little marble.

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    Default Re: Hello from Adam

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. Some of them just have attitude its not a stress thing, but sometimes it would be stress because these idiots think its funny to poke and bug the frog. My big female lives like a frog princess and she is very grumpy, she always tries to get me when its cleaning or bathtime etc. She has made me bleed 2xs, and it doesn't feel great but it isn't all that bad. I find it more catches you by surprise that he/she actually got you more then anything, and there saliva is like glue. Were as my ornate is ok with be handled but you have to go from behind because he just associates everything that moves with food, so wiggling fingers in front of his face isn't a good idea. But once you get him up he's usually pretty calm. My smallest and youngest is pretty mellow with everything, the odd time he will get in a mood but all and all hes a pretty chill dude.

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    A month after getting a PacMan frog, I decided I wanted a frog with a little more activity. So in addition to McNugget..who is thriving, growing, and very sedentary...
    ...I put together a 30 gallon aquarium filled only with about 12 gallons of water, plenty of floating platforms and fake plants...
    and am now the proud slave to six fire bellied toads. they all came as a group from the local pet store and adapted quickly.
    They are super active, super friendly, super hungry.
    Don't know what else goes in this tank, I know I am very limited. It's got plenty of water; I threw six mosquito fish in; those appear to be able to live in anything.

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    Default Re: Hello from Adam

    hello. Nice to hear about aquarium and Pacman frog.

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