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Thread: Completely submerged in substrate

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    Default Completely submerged in substrate

    Female African Bullfrog, size of fist

    What happened:
    Tonight, At first, I thought she escaped. Instead, she was completely submerged under coco fiber.

    Is this odd behavior? Does it indicate something, good or bad,?

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    Default Re: Completely submerged in substrate

    From what I know they burrow to cool off/avoid overheating. is the tank too warm?

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    Default Re: Completely submerged in substrate

    This is completely normal for most frogs. It could be because of overheating or some form of hibernation.

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    Default Re: Completely submerged in substrate

    My female african bullfrog loves to completely submerge in her substrate. I have a digital thermometer gun and always check her temps when she burrows just to make sure she isn't too hot. I think she just prefers to stay hidden.

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