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Thread: More questions about my RETF

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    Default More questions about my RETF

    I noticed on the rare occasion that I take out my Red eye tree frog, he won't go back in his cage. Ill try and put him back in but the little guy will just climb up my arm, away from the plant. Its kind of adorable, but is it a bad thing?

    How often should I put the calcium with vitamin d3 on the crickets? (My current treefrog is still a baby/sub-adult)

    I am also planning on purchasing two more RETFs from One albino and one normal one, both babies. I currently have a ten gallon tank, but plan on upgrading to this. Is it big enough? If I move my frogs to the aquarium in the link will my current red eye get stressed and have to re adapt to the new cage? Exo Terra 12 x 12 x 18" Glass Terrarium

    My current red eye came with a sick red eye which had died the first night I got him. This was around a month ago, and he is eating, soaking, and sleeping correctly. I know there is a quarantine time of 30 days with new tree frogs, but after those 30 days is it safe to put them in with my current one? Should I clean out the cage first? If I buy the two red eyes at the same time, do I have to quarantine them separately as well?


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    Default Re: More questions about my RETF

    I supplement my sub-adults treefrogs about every other feeding, and I alternate with a vitamin poweder and a calcium powder. Babies get a supplement every feeding, again with the rotation.

    10 gallons might be ok for babies, but it is way too small for adults. IMO, bigger is better and I wouldn't go lower than say a standard 29, preferably with a vertical orientation. I know alot of people keep frogs in smaller enclosures, but I feel it stresses them. Your exo is only about 11 gallon so I would recommend upgrading.

    Finally, I would keep the two new frogs separate in the beginning, if for nothing more than to be able to monitor their health more closely. It couldnt hurt to clean out the cage once you do decide to house them all together.
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    Default Re: More questions about my RETF

    The powder I have includes both in one. So I guess im good there. And thank you, I will make sure to get a bigger one. LLLreptile doesn't ship any bigger than that, so I guess ill have to go to petsmart.

    When I keep them separated at the beginning, how do I do it? I only have two enclosures. I would buy a small one, but I would think the frog would get too stressed in one for 30 straight days.

    EDIT: Nevermind, when I buy the new enclosure, I will have three total.

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