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    So we just got a new pacman frog from petsmart...yeah, i usually dont like buying reptiles from stores like this but he was the only one they had and my girlfriend fell in love with him like nothing other so I had too plus he was only 15$ lol..but anyway. We have had him for about a day now and on the way home he pooped so I know his stomach has to be empty and iv read online they love to eat...but he wont eat at all. We have mealworms that are prekilled in a little can that we also bought with him and he wont touch them. Does it usually take pacman frogs a few days to get ajusted to there new home to start eating? he looks pretty healthy, no irritated spots on him or anything comeing out of him anywhere. He is hideing like a normal pacman but other then the not eating part he is great. just a little worried and I dont want him to die.

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    give him two or 3 days to get ajusted to his new home then try live crickets dust with cal. powder he will be fine i just bought 2 from petsmart for 15.00 each it took 2 or 3 days for them to eat i put a divider in a 20 gal. long you cant keep 2 together they will try to eat one another!see my pics!

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    Ya I know about the eating each other thing. I will have to go back to town in a few days to get crickets as i live out side of town in the desert. Do pacman's not really like mealworms? iv read alot of stuff about others having no luck with mealworms...

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    They'll eat mealworms, but it can be really hard to get them to take pre-killed food. Also, mealworms aren't good as a staple, only an occasional snack. The exoskeletons are too hard and can cause impaction if eaten too often.

    Don't worry; mine took almost two weeks to start eating when I brought it home. Put his tank in a fairly quiet place that doesn't get much traffic and he'll adjust quicker. Also, just make sure his temps, humidity, and substrate are correct. If the environment isn't right, they often wont eat well.

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