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Thread: Safety of compact fluorescent bulbs? Lighting combo dilemma!

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    Default Safety of compact fluorescent bulbs? Lighting combo dilemma!

    I had heard that there was a question about the safety of the new compact style fluorescent bulbs, such as the Repti-Sun. Has anyone heard about this concern or have any recent info? I have also heard about problems with distance from the bulb decreasing the UVB drastically. My new vivarium is 4' high for WTFs (all live plants). Since WTFs are nocturnal, will the amount of UVB they get at that distance by sufficient? I am betting they will spend lots of time up high, nearer the bulb anyway. (at least they do now in their small enclosure)
    Can anyone suggest the lighting combo I should use? I have 2 double-fixtures canapies I could use or could even add 1 regular lamp-type fixture. Should I use only Repti-Sun 2.0's or a combo of fluorescent and incandescent blue-full spectrum? Any idea of how many bulbs I should use? Also, is a 'moonlight' simulating type bulb okay for night viewing? I believe it was John who recently told me the red bulbs are best for night as the black can produce UV; however, I am trying to keep my heat down at night and I believe the red produce heat. Do the moonlight bulbs produce UV like the regular blacklight bulbs or are they safer?

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    Default Re: Safety of compact fluorescent bulbs? Lighting combo dilemma!

    I'm a bit confused. Are you looking for night lighting, day lighting, or both? Personally, I am not a fan of reptile lights for amphibians. I see no real reason for UV lighting of any type with them. Truth be told, most of the reptile rated incandescent emit UV, as do most florescent. The only difference is the amount. If you want to avoid heat, LED is the way to go. For day use, I find a standard aquarium tube is perfect.

    If heat is an issue for you, avoid the compact florescent. They generate a surprising amount of heat, but often lack the ventilation tubes have, thus resulting in higher temperatures in your enclosure.

    For day lighting with live plants I use regular old generic fluorescent aquarium lighting. No Live Plants (other than full shade stuff like mosses and ferns) I either go ambient or use white LED bars. For night I use LED/Solar yard lights. (I find a single yard light removed from the stake and affixed to the tank top is perfect night lighting. It has the added advantage of not needing timers or wiring.)

    As for UVB for White's... How would a nocturnal species get UV exposure at night in the wild?
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    Default Re: Safety of compact fluorescent bulbs? Lighting combo dilemma!

    I was planning on buying some bulbs and lamps from home depot, those curly flourescent bulbs, this'd be for darts, but if someone can confirm they're full spectrum and UVB, you could probably use that mrk.
    e: nope nope nope, just checked the home depot site, CFL bulbs they sell are only 3000K, and probably don't emit enough UVB.

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