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    is it safe to keep a white lipped tree frog with a whites tree frog in the same cage(size 18x18x24) if so where can i buy one no pet stores carry them(cant special order them atleast) and there are no reptile shows in my area so can someone give me a website or good breeder

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    I've heard of people doing this with those two species and supposedly it was alright. I personally wouldn't risk it. As to where to get white-lips, I haven't seen them for sale in years I'm afraid.
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    i have found 2 websites that sell them. Reptile City NOT going to risk it with them and Reptiles'nCritters was to expensive with the $50 shipping thing

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    I would agree on not mixing species. I often see white lipped tree frogs for sale at reptile expos but thats also the only place I have seen them.

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