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Thread: Adding izzy to boo's house

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    Default Adding izzy to boo's house

    hi...i was wondering if anyone can help with a little info... i have two large eyed tree frogs....and right now they are not housed together....i have a 29 gallon tall tank that boo is living in right now....i want to house izzy with him they both chrip like crazy and i have had them close to each other on and off for three weeks chomp there is a smooth transition to add izzy to the 29 would make taking care of them much easier....and i would get back a bit of my living space....and the cash for their tank wouldnt be split in two it would all go into one.....izzy was with many others when i first saw came from an owner who didnt want him would be awsome if anyone had experience adding them...oh and i have had both of them about three months is around 3 and izzy was at the woman place about 4 months before she didnt want him anymore.....sorry if i posted this in the wrong spot....sometimes this forum is not so user friendly....

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    They should be fine together, but place a lot foliage for them to hide in with in the tank. That will make the transition a bit smoother.

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    Default Re: Adding izzy to boo's house

    i had them in together again today, boo went really close to izzy and i guess they were fine then izzy went for the escape adventure....right before this encounter they were talkin like crazy to each other one would call the other called back....

    .thanks for the reply if i add a few things from izzy's house it may help as well....and most likley they will jump on each other and you know any hostile i should watch out for...? they are both pretty laid back so i may try to do the full intro this weekend....thanks again....

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    Yeah add the plants from the other tank. Behavior to look for is feeding patterns. If one is shy about eating, it may be intimidated by the other.

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    Default Re: Adding izzy to boo's house

    its been almost a week since they were put together. i have watched them close and it seems no aggressive behavior. no shaking legs or jumping on each other...

    izzy seems to talk more which at 3 am is not so wonderful but i found whistling a little helps....both are is a bigger eater...i have watched both pooping so they are both sleeps more than izzy so i found he eats when she is asleep...

    i have added a few things while they are both asleep to help if they want to far so i am getting ready to put my three ADF's together....thanks for the good information.....

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    for the past two days they have slept in the corner together near the top of their tank....

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