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Thread: Terrarium setup; Suggestions welcome

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    Default Terrarium setup; Suggestions welcome

    I have a small terrarium setup for my tree frog. We want to set her up a nice 10 gal tank, but we are new to this. Has anyone got any suggestions for someone on a very limited budget for a nice setup for her? I would like to do a nice vertical setup. I don't feed her in the terrarium, she does well like that, if that is any help. I don't even know what type of plants to put in it that will be good for her and not hurt her. Right now she has a soft moss (living) and this small leafy plant that grows so much I have to cut it back occasionally. But she needs something to climb on. Help please.

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    Default Re: Terrarium setup; Suggestions welcome

    Look into ordering some ghost wood or drift wood. Pieces 12'-16' are usually around $15. Then take a look into some vines.. they are like $5 every 6inchs. I would recommend joshsfrogs. They seem to have excellent service!

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    Default Re: Terrarium setup; Suggestions welcome

    Thanks!! Any plant suggestions?

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    welcome to the forum !! I made a thread, being green and saving money. But as far as plants. Florists make starts if plants and sell them cheep. Like 2$ perfect for a small viv. Corn plant is a good climbing plant. If your local florist doesn't do starter plants, Walmart plants will be too tall. Corn plant can root from a cutting. So cut to size(slow grower) and pop it in. It may loose a few leaves before it roots, just spray it daily. Other good perch plants, hibiscus, jade tree, photos vine.

    You can go pick your own stick. Make sure it's really old, barkless, bake for an hour at 200. Just no pine, oak, birch, ironwood, popple, etc.

    Good luck

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