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Thread: What could possibly go wrong? Oh, not sick again

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    Default What could possibly go wrong? Oh, not sick again

    hey guys, since this past week, my white's tree frog has been, very non-active at night he was sittin in his waterdish all night, i just fed him(ate 2 crickets) and put him back in his cage, and he has been sitting in the middle of the cage since then, I mean right there in the middle of cage where there is nothing around(you can see him in the bottom left corner) his temp ranges from 70-80 during the day and 65-68 at night and the cages humidity is 65 -70%, also what do you think of his tank?
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    Default Re: What could possibly go wrong? Oh, not sick again

    I have had the same thing going on with my White's for a few days. He's been non active, at least not as active as he was a few days ago on his hyper streak, and falling asleep in his water bowl again. This could be because of the temperature fluctuations I'm experiencing in CA right now. It was pretty warm for a couple of days following a pretty cold spell, and now it's cold again. It rained all day Sunday (hasn't been rain for a few weeks) and the wind was incredible. Yesterday it rained for a bit in the morning and was cold after that too...I think his lack of activity may have to do with this.

    Have you experienced anything like that where you are? Weather changes I mean?

    And taking a loot at your tank I gotta say it looks pretty barren. It would do well if you got the little guy a plant to climb on or hide in. Tree frogs are arboreal and I see you have a tall tank, you should try to utilize that vertical space with fake plants or real ones, vines, small trees or branches, etc. My WTF has a tank that looks similar to yours, an 18x18x24 Exo Terra, and I have stuff on the ground so he can hide and stuff going up high so he can climb. I think you should add more things to the viv and give him more to do. He could be bored. =shrug=
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    Default Re: What could possibly go wrong? Oh, not sick again

    Are your crickets eating a calcium supplement or are you dusting them with one? My White's became very sluggish for weeks so I sought help. Turns out he had a calcium deficiency. After a visit to the vet and some calcium increases in his diet he's been awesome.

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