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Thread: Dried Shrimp for Bufo Bufo?

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    Default Dried Shrimp for Bufo Bufo?

    Hi All, very new to the world of Toad care. can i feed dried shrimp to a common toad? my local pet shop has no live crickets and wont have for another week. also being rather chilly here in france not much appears to be buzzing around the balcony.


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    Default Re: Dried Shrimp for Bufo Bufo?

    I wouldn't really recommend it. They probably wouldn't be digested well because of their hard exoskeletons. Also, they are most likely salt water shrimp which means they are going to have a lot of salt and other compounds that could be harmful to your toad. If it's only going to be a week, you should be fine just waiting for crickets.

    Hope that helps

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    Default Re: Dried Shrimp for Bufo Bufo?

    Toads can do fairly well without food for a while, especially if it's a little chilly in your house.

    My suggestion would be to try some earth worms or red worms (I'm sure people fish in France right? ) Any bait shop, or similiar place should have them - even during the winter.

    I'd stay away from any salt water shrimp.

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    Default Re: Dried Shrimp for Bufo Bufo?

    Marinus are one of the only anurans known to accept eat canned cat and dog food. Get yourself a small can of high quality food (Blue Beast, Canine Caviar, Diamond, etc.). Put some on a dish, chop it into suitable sized pieces, and turn the lights out. You may be surprised the next morning.

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    Default Re: Dried Shrimp for Bufo Bufo?

    Earth worms are about, Bufu bufo love them in my experience.

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