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Thread: Tiger leg running frogs

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    Default Tiger leg running frogs

    kassina maculata,
    does anybody else keep this beutiful species? if so what temps do you keep yours because i keep being told different infomation, any advice or direction to a good care sheet would be very appreciated, many thanks

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    This species is native to Africa and if my memory serves me right, this species can be found living near grass lands near water sources. I would recommend a 10gallon long for one of these guys, as they walk around quite a bit. I would go with a temperature gradients of low 80's in the day time to low 70's in the evening. Shallow water dish and keep up moderate humidity (~60%). A well planted terrarium with live plants will help provide cover and allow them to feel secure. I would use soil that has no fertilizer and/or other chemicals in it. Also you can mix some coco fiber in with it to help increase the soils ability to maintain moisture. Hope this helps.

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