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    Hi Guys,
    Here is my set up for my 4 baby giants. I have a ceramic heat bulb over the water, a 30 watt day bulb and an under heater. Its cold here in Fl right now, 40 at night 70 in day so I added extra heat so they would digest well. They are on a covering of coconut fiber with a mound of moss in the middle to bury them selves. I made a "cave" out of cork so they could feel enclosed, like a natural shelter, and a large water bowl for them to soak in. Thoughts?
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    i would keep a close eye on them dont want them killign eachother
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    They don't seem to mind each other... I know that soon, when the males become apparent, ill have to split them up. but they are 7 weeks old now... Im thinking by size and the fact that only one is croaking, I may only have one male. If that is the case, Ill just leave them like they are. I dont feed them in the enclosure either, I feed them individually in their own 6qt.

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