My pacman frog will not eat anything.I have tried her on locusts,waxworms,dubia roaches and mice.I have had her since may 2019 and she was eating about 8 locusts a week until september when she started to only eat about 3 a week this then went down to 1 a week and by the end of october 1 a fortnight along with a pinkie.Towads the end of december she only excepted pinkies and then at the end of december she wouldnt eat anything.I have force fed her a few times but she keeps spitting the locust out.I have checked her enclosure and everything is the right temp and humidity.I have also checked her belly to see if its red but its not.She hasnt grown much so i was thinking she might be struggling to shed but i havent noticed anything.
Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.I have noticed that she has seem a little lethargic lately so need answers asap.
Thank you,