Today I bought a red eyed tree frog from a somewhat local exotic pet store. I already have one I bought a month or so ago from Petco and he is going great. However the new one has some weird grey spots on him/her. The owner of the store claimed they were natural, but they don't look like the natural white spots on the backs of red eyes that I've seen on this forum and elsewhere. Is this possibly a disease? The store offers a 15 day guarantee so if it is Oodinium or something they will refund me. I gave it a distilled water bath as soon as I got it home and it is now in a separate tank from my other healthy red eye until I can make sure it is not ill. If it is a disease and anyone knows how to treat it, I would like to go that route if possible as I don't want to take it back to have it die. It does seem active and looks in good health otherwise. Thanks.