I am working on a project that will display two very different enclosures focused on two different needs for the specific animals. The direction I am moving next is centered about creating a biome. The first (or second reveal if you have been following my "Woods" build) is the construction of two Forest vivariums.

I have put a lot of thought into this decision and I believe it is very necessary with what the other two enclosures will offer to have these two enclosures compliment one another, and to both be the design of a forest.

These are polar opposite enclosures and animals that are from different continents. I am anticipating these to be the least problematic enclosures as well.

So let's introduce the animals that will be in the next series "Frog Forests"

The group I will first introduce is a group that has been around since I have gotten back into the hobby a while ago. They have appeared in many videos and photos and are a familiar face to everyone who has read my updates in the past. They were a part of a specific group once called the Five Lined Dumpy Family. I am going to disband the grouping of this and will be including the Dumpy Family (White's Tree Frogs) as members of the forest biome. White's Tree Frogs are a great pet and they are native to Indonesia and Australia. These frogs are an incredible and calm pet. The Dumpy Family has been very typical with no real problems and are very fun to feed and work with. They have a build coming up soon. I will be upgrading them from the Exo Terra 24x18x36 to the largest 36x18x36. It's only a foot but I think they need the length. This will be around 100 gallons for the three tree frogs. Max is the only female and will be the animal from this enclosure that we focus on the most. She is the biggest and she is the leader of the Dumpy Family. Max will be an important part of the forest. She will display the importance of protecting the environment because she uses it to survive. She is the same color as the leaves high in the forests. Without them she wouldn't be able to have stealth and their species would be in trouble. The Dumpy Family is going to be a familiar face and will be a very interesting addition to the forests.

The other forest enclosure is from another familiar face. Wellsboro the "Golden Toad" will be getting an Exo Terra 36x18x24. He will be the ambassador for the temperate forest of North America. Wellsboro is going to be the leader of his enclosure which will have most likely two or three toads. We could have the Dumpy Family and some nickname for a toad family, but it might take some time to figure it out. The toads will be a reminder of protecting the environment. Toads are the color of the forest floor and need to have soil to hide, dig, hunt and hibernate in. If we pollute or deforest many areas then these among other animals would be without a home. Wellsboro will be a very different leader then Max. He is not interested in company like the semi social tree frogs. He has lived alone and appears to be a very good predator who might outcompete other toads to the point of starvation. He and his toad sociological warfare will be another high point while showcasing life from inside the Frog Forests.

Two enclosures

White's Tree Frogs (Max, Spurgeon, Jeremiah)
Fin (Male Betta Fish)

American Toads (Wellsboro, Unnamed Toad)

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