I have already typed a post out giving more details about this but somehow it has gotten lost so I will do a less detailed version.
I rescued two male whites tree frogs who are JUST over 2 inches long, both very healthy but they are crammed into an exo Terra 12x12x18.
I have a female whites tree frog who is Just coming up to 3 inches in an exo Terra 18x18x24.
I want to add the two males to the larger vivarium with the female (temporarily) but is that inch (roughly) size difference going to be a problem, I would never forgive myself if I put them in with her and she had herself a tasty snack.
My plan is (if they can all go in together) to get them all an exo Terra 36x36x18 and set it up as a bio active set up.
Any advice would be very much appreciated.