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Thread: Marine Toad leaking poison

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    Default Marine Toad leaking poison

    Been raising these for a while and never seen these before. One of my girls pores has been leaking poison for 3 days. I have wiped it off and cleaned the area several times. I have not noticed anything in the pore or anything that looked inflamed. Within a few hours, it is leaking again.

    She is eating great. She is acting normal. No major changes in behavior. (let's be honest, their behavior is mostly sitting until food is in their face).

    One thought is that I recently put some new top soil in the enclosure and it was more sandy than usual, perhaps sand got in and it is causing inflammation? You can see sand on her in the pic.. Maybe it is normal and I have just never seen it in the 8 years I've worked with these toads?... My biggest concern is that it's a precursor to something worse.

    Spoke to the local vet and, while he has taken care of one of my toads before, he was stumped on it and said he would look into it.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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