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Thread: toad changing colors all of a sudden help

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    Default toad changing colors all of a sudden help

    Hi all,

    my male toad has all of a sudden turned to a very light shade of brown overnight, this kinda concerns me as he is normally a very dark brown almost black on a regular basis. There is no abrasions, lesions or redness on his body(which might indicate a possible health related illness) he still is interested in feeding and is very active as he is attempting to scale the walls of the tank all night long. he also appears to be pooping normally aswell and his body weight seem normal. The other toads in his enclosure appear to be acting normal right now. is it possible that my calcium supplements have expired and the reason he's changing color is because of a deficiency. why is he also really trying to escape is the seasons changing causing him to do this (I know its a wild animal but he's normally calm except when a low pressure system or a thunderstorm is moving threw my area). If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated as I am worried .

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