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Thread: Infected, swollen eye?? please help.

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    Unhappy Infected, swollen eye?? please help.

    Okay so I have a weird issue
    - A locust bit my pacman's eyelid weeks ago (I can't remember exactly how many sorry)
    - his eye swelled up a bit and i took it as part of the healing process

    I'm not sure which one came first but i think it was the eye infection
    - his non-injured eye had some white stuff on the edges of his eyelid, like where the 2nd eyelids meets skin. and the injured eye was still the same but had some darkness (which i thought was blood building up inside to heal) around the inside of the outer eyelid
    - i changed his mud because it was time and accidentally left it with too much water and fungus grew but i didn't realise for some days and changed it

    - I did one Melafix bath then forgot I had to do more (I know it's very bad)
    - I am doing them again now, i'm on the fourth completed day but missed one day bc I forgot.
    - his injured eye is still swollen, and the darkness is still there but has what I'm pretty sure it has a green tint. and idk if this was always there but there's slight cloudiness now.
    - but the non-injured eye seems to have almost no white stuff

    It look terrible.
    my questions are:
    - Is the Melafix even going to work? This is a bacterial infection right?
    - How do I know when he needs a vet?
    - Is this even fixable or is he a lost cause?
    - If this is serious and he will die soon, any estimate for how soon?

    Name:  20190708_001703.jpg
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    comparison of size
    Name:  20190708_001617_001.jpg
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    swollen eye
    Name:  20190708_001745.jpg
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    other eye

    sorry if it's hard to see an hopefully someone responds.

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    Default Re: Infected, swollen eye?? please help.

    The last image is blurry so it's useless my bad and I forgot to say that in the last image his eye is weird because of an old cloudy eye infection, it's not anything new.

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