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Thread: Having some problems with my toad

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    Default Having some problems with my toad

    Hi all, new to the forum. I would've posted to the intro area but since I have questions I assumed it should be here instead. Please forgive me if I erred in this.

    Last month I got a Colorado River Toad and small issues just keep cropping up and I'm pretty worried. I've tried asking in various places and people but I never get a straight answer if at all. The main issue is she refuses to eat anything other than crickets, she won't even look at anything else. Once she snapped up a hornworm, but she spat it out immediately and ignored it after that. I can't afford to keep buying new foods to try when it's just going to waste. One person suggested to try using a cat laser light to try to trick her into eating other foods but she doesn't react. I've tried tong feeding, but she pays no attention. I've tried that assist feeding method people use for their pacmans, rubbing the food on her lips to annoy her into eating it, she either just sits there or moves away. I've also tried placing her in a separate location for feeding but she just freaks out.

    I wouldn't be too worried about this but about a week after I got her she started to lose weight. This week she skipped a feeding after already going two days after her last feeding (I don't feed weekends), so she didn't eat for 5 days and then ate less than she usually does on the next two feedings.

    Another worry is she refuses to go absolutely anywhere near the water bowl, I know she's more of a dryer toad species but I'm worried she's not getting enough water. I do mist the tank every other day. When I researched on keeping toads, including Colorado river toads, I had thought I'd see her soaking. Not only does she not do that, she never leaves her hide at all unless it's feeding time, then she just goas straight back in.

    She is also terrible at hunting, it takes her an hour to eat 10 crickets. She just sits there and when she sees a cricket moving she turns towards it but just sits there staring at them and then they wander out of her reach. She doesn't often actually strike at them and when she does, she misses more than 50% of the time. The crickets actually often sit on her body or cluster under her front legs and she won't move or try to eat them. I've tried feeding one at a time, dumping them all in, putting up a barrier so the "hunting ground" is smaller, I've tried putting them in when the lights are on and after the lights go out. Nothing seems to help her hunt better.

    My setup and routine is a 20g long tank with 4" of eco earth (prepared with dechlorinated water) two fake plants, a water bowl and a hide. Don't know humidity, i think around 40%? Temp is steady at 75-79F (nights are cooler). Both the water bowl and mist water is dechlorinated room temperature tap water. I spot clean waste every day to every other day (depends if she actually eats and thus digests). I feed three times a week, dusting calcium with D3 Monday and Friday, vitamin on Wednesday. She eats between 8-16 large crickets.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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