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Thread: Advice on cut up nightcrawlers?

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    Default Advice on cut up nightcrawlers?

    Decided to introduce Tormund to nightcrawlers recently. Heís about two months old. Theyíre too big to feed whole so Iíve been cutting them up per the research I did on feeding them to younger pacmen. But he only eats a half so Iím left with the other dead half of the worm. I canít feed them to him dead of course so it seems like half the worms I bought will go to waste. Any advice on introducing these? Never had a problem feeding him, he has a great appetite. Wanted to feed him a varied diet besides crickets and the occasional wax worm. (Canít get dubias where I live). Should I just wait until heís bigger or has anyone had any luck feeding a whole nightcrawler to a younger pacman?

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