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Thread: Can a young WTF over eat?

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    Exclamation Can a young WTF over eat? **the reply is my pics*

    Hi all Iím new here and after some advice. I went away for a few days and left my partner to look after my frogs. He did everything right except forget Gerald will eat and eat until thereís nothing left and you have to watch him or else the other 2 get none (not actually sure of their genders yet), the pet store didnít have any crickets so the lady there suggested mealworms but theyíre way too big for what Iíd be comfortable feeding them, heís calcium dusted and given them 2 each but just left them all in a dish, Geraldís eaten obviously too much and heís now swollen and fat looking, he can and still is moving around but his belly being pod is throwing him off balance a fair bit and heís got to kind of catch himself falling. Heís chilling out basking on a leaf atm but Iím just after some advice cause Iím stressing, I really love these little guys.

    if it allows me to Iíll attach a photo so you can see him, his eyes arenít clouded either.
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    Default Re: Can a young WTF over eat?

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    Hadnt hit upload on the pics.

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