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Thread: Prolapse?

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    Default Prolapse?

    So my bf found another rescue frog with missing toe pads and possible prolapse. Not quite sure if this is in fact a prolapse or something else. It's just a clear membrane any suggestions are much appreciated! Also if it helps, it's a pacific chorus frog

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    Default Re: Prolapse?

    Not sure if that's a prolapse or not. I've never seen one with a bubble like that. I also have only seen them in pictures online. Have you tried a honey bath

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    Default Re: Prolapse?

    The first one definitely looks like a prolapse, I'm not so sure about the other pictures. In any case, I'd suggest using a drop of honey or sprinkling sugar to bring down the swelling.

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    Default Re: Prolapse?

    I'm experienced with PCFs (I know you know that, lol) and also have dealt with prolapse in my frogs, and to tell the truth I've no idea what the heck that clear bubble is... it's definitely not cloaca tissue; don't know if just membrane could come out by itself (wouldn't think so). I don't know if the sugar or honey bath would work for this, but I doubt it could hurt. Looks otherwise healthy, no clue how it would have lost toes though...?? Did you find him outside or was someone else keeping him (or her) as a pet?
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    Default Re: Prolapse?

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