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    Hi everyone. I'm new here and on Tuesday I got a White's tree frog. I had a juvenile Pacman frog that didn't live long, he came from the same pet shop and had little to no appetite. The tree frog is in a 45x45x45 exo-terra that I plan to clean every 3-4 months with 4% table-vinegar and warm water.

    I use a 75W day-light basking spot during the day and a 100W infrared basking spot during the night. I live in Iceland, so it can get really cold during the night, even during the summer. The temperature in the tank is generally between 75F - 80F. I mist the tank regularly, but do not have a hygrometer. I just go by the look of things and try to keep the substrate damp, not wet.

    The frog ate one mealworm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (3 total). He jumps on them and eats them by himself, something the Pacman frog never did.

    I know amphibians are cold-blooded, but should the frog be cold to the touch? He is pretty cold to the touch, but the tank is warm (especially under the bulb/basking spot). The frog likes one place on the bottom of the cage and doesn't move much, he is in the same place in the morning which tells me he hasn't moved during the night, so he hasn't been very active since I got him.

    I'm just looking for general advice, anything that sticks out? The bulb is over one half of the lid of the tank, I was wondering if I should buy another one and thus have 2, one on each half of the lid (maybe two 50W instead of one 75-100W?). Do you think frogs get stressed by too much light? I want to mimic day-time and night-time though, as I'm not always home due to my studies and work, and when I'm not home the lights are off in my room (but I keep the frog tank bulb on obviously).

    P.s. If you are wondering about the Pacman's demise, he never wanted to eat so the only thing he ate was basically force fed by me. He ended up having some kind of a seizure and died.

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    Default Re: Looking for advice

    I’d add some more cover. Plastic plants or live are great when vertically oriented. I’d also get something thicker than the jungle vine you have. This species gets large and they appreciate a sturdy perch to bask on from time to time. I understand the heat issue if it takes that much wattage to maintain ambient temperatures in the range you described. No need for a hygrometer. Most are garbage anyway. You may want to add a uvb during the day. I’m not a fan of night bulbs but if your night time temperatures are dipping below 68 degrees regularly than so be it.

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