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Thread: Do I need to get another frog?

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    Unhappy Do I need to get another frog?

    Hey guys,
    my frog that I posted about a few days ago ended up dying. I followed the vets directions and I guess his body just couldn’t handle what was going on with the worm medication. The question I have now is I have another American green tree frog and I was wondering if I will need to get another frog so she’s not lonely? I know with some animals it makes a difference and the two that I had were always laying by each other and when I’d put them in separate containers for whatever reason they would face each other and just generally seemed like they were close.

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    It's not a bad idea with tree frogs. They generally seem more friendly towards one another then pond frogs and toads. If you get another frog you should quarantine it and get both your current frog and the new one looked at by the vet so they both are healthy.

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    Alright thank you! And that’s actually my plan to make sure to take both to the vet before introducing them to each other as well as making sure I get them from a trustworthy places because Iv gotten my past frogs from PetSmart which I know now is looked down on lol.

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