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    I have two American green tree frogs and recently I took them to the vet for a check up and ended up finding out they have hookworm. I just finished their three days of medication yesterday and Iv noticed my smaller frog (Ruben) hasnít been wanting to eat. Iv also noticed he hasnít been sticking to things he tries to climb up and his color has been a bit off. Today I woke up and he was on the bottom of the tank which is very unnormal for him and I noticed his back legs look very flat and heís acting a bit lethargic. When I called the vet they said it was probably a mixture of stress from having to be given medication as well as the medication at work. Does anyone have any tips or any ideas to what could be wrong?

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    Don't worry too much, it sounds like you're doing everything right by bringing them to the vet and frogs will always have their little moods and hunger strikes. Just make sure his humidity is where it needs to be and keep monitoring him.

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