Hi folks!

New to the Forum, and this is the first concern I've had with my Fantasy Frog. First, his stats:

  • Nearly 2yo, almost certain he's a male. Got him as a baby in Dec 2017.
  • 20g long enclosure with about 4 inches of Eco Earth Substrate (He was in a 10g until June 2018)
  • Temp 82F on warm side, and room temp on the cool side
  • Humidity stays at about 60% in the air, but I mist the substrate 2x a day and it stays moist at all times
  • Large water dish
  • Non-UVB light for day/night cycle
  • Eats mostly dubia roaches with occasional crickets, hornworms, or earthworms as treats
  • Alternate between ZooMed Reptivite, Calcium With D3, and Calcium Without D3
  • He eats 2-3x a week in a critter keeper so that he doesn't ingest the Eco Earth (I had an issue with that when he was a baby)
  • Low traffic room in house (the reptile room), and he's got plants all the way around the enclosure for privacy

My question:

Frog has gone off his food since the end of January, and hasn't eaten anything at all in about 6 weeks. I've tried leaving bugs in the tank with him, as well as the normal routine of eating in the critter keeper to no avail. He's been totally buried for a week, and I think it's a bad idea to disturb him. I THINK it might be that he's reached sexual maturity and it's mating season? I've started giving him a "rainy season" with the mister to try to get him to surface. Do you think my suspicions are true? Is he fasting because he's got breeding on his mind? Since hybrids/Fantasy Frogs are infertile, I'm not sure if that's a thing...

And yes, as of a week ago, he was still fat.

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I'd appreciate any insight from someone that's kept Pacmans, or specifically Fantasy Frogs!