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Thread: Help! My frog's suction cup came off and is bleeding a bit!!

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    Default Help! My frog's suction cup came off and is bleeding a bit!!


    Basically, my frog's toe got caught in the vivarium door when I shut it, and his suction cup part of the toe came off when he freed himself. His toe is bleeding a bit and he's jumping around a lot, but I believe his bones are okay. I've had him for almost two years and have ALWAYS been careful... so I know I should've been better.

    My main question is, will he be okay? Also, is it possible he'll get an infection? What should I do?

    I'm sorry if I'm leaving out anything, I've stayed up too late and now I'm really anxious.

    EDIT: I've calmed down a bit and I know he'll be okay, but I'm leaving this here just in case someone has something they want to say.

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    Default Re: Help! My frog's suction cup came off and is bleeding a bit!!

    One of my grey tree frogs lost a toe pad, it healed on its own and although I know they don't regenerate, he did form a stubby faux toe pad. I do suggest switching to wet paper towels as a substrate (or putting your frog in a hospital tank of sorts) until the toe has healed to avoid infection. You can also keep it clean by misting with treated/filtered water.

    Here's some pics of his toe now
    Click image for larger version. 

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