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Thread: New White's Tree Frog help!

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    Default New White's Tree Frog help!

    I am now the proud owner of 2 beautiful juvenile snowflake white's tree frogs!! They both about 2" and are living in a 35 gallon hex bioactive vivarium. I have had them for about 2 weeks now.

    My question has to do with feeding. Although I know it stresses them out a bit, I have decided to feed them in a separate enclosure. This is because I am feeding them dubias and there is no room for me to place a good heavy bowl for the frogs to feed out of (didn't think about it while building the tank) and I don't want the dubias escaping and burrowing in the substrate. Also one appears to be a decent hunter, and the other is very clumsy and misses a lot. So I want to make sure they both get enough.

    So this is my question: how much is enough?? At their current size I know I should be feeding them every day or every other day. But how many dubias should they be eating in one feeding?? The dubias are about half an inch or very slightly larger. For the most part they each eat one (one time they ate more) and then it seems like they are done eating but I wonder if this is enough??

    Also I do have some silkworms but I am worried they might be too big for the frogs, they have eaten some of the smaller ones (which still seem kind if big to me) with no problem but I still worry that one day one might be too much to handle and choke it.

    Please let me know how much is the proper amount of them to eat in a feeding, thanks!!

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    Default Re: New White's Tree Frog help!

    I believe you may be over-stressing about this issue. For juveniles it is recommended that you feed them everyday and adults every other day as you probably know. I have never raised juvenile WTFs so I cant tell you exactly what you need to know but it sounds pretty normal to feed them 1-2 a day, nothing sounds crazy wrong with that. BTW you should be able to feed juveniles small crickets (smallest size you can get at your pet store. As long as you make sure that you are feeding your insects good nutrition your frogs will get that good nutrition and then they won't need to eat a crazy amount of insects. I feed my crickets stuff that has vitamin d3 and calcium, and i occasionally dust my crickets with calcium. I believe what you are doing is correct and I though I'd just say this because no one else is responding to your post. Plus you haven't said anything about them looking unhealthy so just let them eat what they want I guess, but don't let your full adult WTF eat anything or else it will become obese XD!

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    Default Re: New White's Tree Frog help!

    Please let me know how much is the proper amount of them to eat in a feeding, thanks!![/QUOTE]
    Yes, I tend to be an overthinker... easpecially when it comes to my pets, and ESPECIALLY when they are babies.
    Lol but thank you for replying!! I will continue to feed them 1-2 a day and see how it goes.

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