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Thread: UPDATE: 2 week vitamin A treatment for short tongue syndrome completed:

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    Default UPDATE: 2 week vitamin A treatment for short tongue syndrome completed:

    Hi everyone,

    I just finished the last vitamin A treatment for a 2 week protocol for treatment of hypovitaminosis A. It was largely successful! My toads went from struggling to eat 1 night crawler to mowing down night crawlers, red wigglers, horned worms and butter worms in one feeding! The toads have also become a lot more active and their eyes look much better too. My female will even eat horned worms right from the palm of my hand. I've posted links to papers on hypovit A and treatment, but if anyone has specific questions on how to do it feel free to message me or post here. I would say I can't claim this was a well controlled treatment trial, as I did add in multivitamin dustings, a new gut load, new food items and a new lighting system during the period of this two week, although I began seeing improvement just after a few treatments with the vitamin A alone. Thank you to everyone who contributed helpful advice along the way!

    - pp
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