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Thread: Elderly Tree frog

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    Default Elderly Tree frog

    When I was 18 I was bought a tree frog, he’s now 19.

    He’s been the picture of health but in the last few months his eyes have gone a little cloudy, I’m worried his vision is going. One eye it looks like the black has leaked out the pupil. He’s mobile, catching food but slower and thinner. No skin marks, swelling, breathing and behaviour appear normal, is reduced a bit. Goes for food as usual and a good a colour, though nowadays his colour is a consistent green.

    The vet years ago I saw has long gone, local ones have no idea where to go.

    Does anyone have experience with a White’s of this age? The pet shop are of the view he’s old, they’d just feed him and leave him as an old man now. Realsitically is this just age/ slowing down. How would you proceed?

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    Default Re: Elderly Tree frog

    Congratulations on caring for this little guy for 19 years! I've no advice beyond what you've covered, which is to find a vet who specializes in amphibians. While I don't know what's near you (I'm in another country...), here are some resources that might help you locate a herp vet near you.

    I will say that every experience I have of bringing a not-cat/dog to a traditional cat/dog vet has been a waste of time and money, so finding someone with reptile/amphibian expertise is an important step.
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