I have two eastern american toads that are approximately 6 years old. I raised them from wild caught tadpoles about 6 years ago. I have been feeding them red wiggler earth worms dusted with calcium powder and while they are still eating and have a voracious appetite, they are beginning to have a harder time eating and I suspect they have short tongue syndrome. I just bought some Rapashy multivitamin powder with vitamin A and should have that in about a week so will start alternating daily with that and calcium. As long as they are able to eat and I start supplementing should their symptoms resolve? How long do you think it will take to see resolution? Also, I am not sure if eastern american toads are large enough, but do you think they would be able to eat a pink mouse? I thought of supplementing once a month as I know mammalian prey has a lot more vitamins than insects and worms. Unfortunately, I think the third one I had that died about a year ago died due to hypovitaminosis A, but did not realize that was what was going on... hoping I can save these two before disease progresses too far.

Thanks again,