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Thread: Quarantine Tanks for The Rainforest Exhibit

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    Default Quarantine Tanks for The Rainforest Exhibit

    The Rainforest Exhibit Build Blog and YouTube Vlog, is still going strong! Our huge vivarium/indoor rainforest is slowly coming together.
    We just posted a vlog about the high density foam we're using from DUNAUSA. Although it was an unboxing video of the sample pieces we received, we have already received the big foam slabs that we are using in the vivarium.
    One of the ideas I personally had, was to offer some of this foam to a winner of a giveaway (if I have one). So let me know if this would be a good idea and I will start working on something...maybe I will throw in some awesome driftwood as well.
    Let me know your thoughts!

    The reason for this post is to let you know that we have some cool Custom Aquariums coming from
    We needed some quarantine enclosures/exhibits to hold any new fauna we will be getting, just as a precaution.
    I am posting the pics here. One is of the 70 Gallon enclosure and the other is one picture of two of the 30 Gallons we will receiving from our friends over at Custom Aquariums.
    All of the enclosures in our office are from them and we cannot express how much we love what they make.

    As they will be quarantine tanks, I do plan on creating some cool exhibits in them...I will post the progress.
    I would love to hear your views and comments, so please let me know!
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