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Thread: Safest earthworms for pacmans and toads?

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    Default Safest earthworms for pacmans and toads?

    Have read that red earthworms are toxic. Red earthworms are readily available but am hesitant now to get them. Night crawlers are so large. Am trying to provide a much more diverse diet for a 3 inch and 1 1/2 inch pacman and a four month western toad (who is recovering from very serious MBD) and two dozen morphed pacifics. Have fed different sizes of crickets, crickets, various fruit flies, moths of course, and for the pacmans very occasional frozen pinkies. Am familiar with and have tried waxworms, butterworms, and phoenix worms but also read that waxworms coelemic fluid is toxic to frogs? After Mr Toads MBD, it is time to really diversify their diet. I dust the crickets with CA and D3, phosphorus free CA, vitamins, and Mr Toad gets a drop still of CA gluconate from the vet. Have been putting CA gluconate syrup in the water of some newly morphed pacific treefrogs but cant figure out how to dust hydei, melanogasters, or 1 week and pinhead crickets so these are gut loaded ( dont think that is enough CA or vitamins though). The terrariums have UV during the day. Are earthworms and waxworms safe?

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    Default Re: Safest earthworms for pacmans and toads?

    Night crawlers and red wiggler worms are safe and nutritious, I just wouldn't catch them as they could have parasites and potentially have toxins given the environment. I get my worms from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm: They have great quality control and healthy worms. They are easy to keep and breed, as well so you don't have to buy them very often. The red wigglers are smaller than the night crawlers and also reproduce much faster.

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