Am somewhat new to this forum and appreciate help keeping our critters healthy and happy. Have raised Pacific treefrogs for two decades (they got me interested in herps because they kept moving into my ranch home through cracks and windows). Then i observed wild red legged frogs. Then i began keeping pet frogs (pacifics, whites treefrogs and later pacman frogs). Also we have a rescued “ feeder” anole, a rescued alligator lizard, two amblypiygids (still cant spell that), ghost mantises, a gigantic old plecostomus, and an african flat tailed scorpion. We also have had halloween moon crabs. We have some rescued cats and two lionhead bunnies. Right now am spending a lot of time trying to rehab a young american toad with MBD...and after six weeks of intense care, he is a lot better but not normal yet.