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    Are there any active tree frog species available as pets? Mine does nothing, I know he's nocturnal, but whenever I come and check on him at night, he never moves, just sits there, staring at me (in his usual 'sitting spot').
    thanks for any replies.

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    My red eye tree frogs move around between 3-7 am my whites tree frog moves around all day. My american green tree frog and barking tf. Move around most of the day. My amazon milk frog frog lets move around most of the day. Just depends on the frog and its own personality. It's also winter time and they slow down on eating

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    Unfortunatley most treefrogs act more like pet rocks than the beautiful display animals we intend on.

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    Maybe it's not normal but my adult female whites tree frog will be out all day and she moves around. Then in the early evening like 9 pm she's out all night. She swims and jumps from plant to plant. Around 12am the two males join her and they all are active until 7-8am.

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