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Thread: Recovery from MBD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwebster View Post
    AAron, i have been force feeding Mr Toad now for over two month. He is alert and active but shows no desire to self feed. I open his mouth with a well filed fingernail or a soft plastic tiny spatula and stuff in a feeder, 3x per day, which he always swallows. He poops fine but never tries to catch his owbpn food. If i dont feed him he just gets skinny. Is getting a tiny drop of calcium gluconate each day rx from vet and his crickets are dusted ( every other day CA plus D. 3 or multivitamins). The crickets are Mazuri gut loaded. After i force feed him, i let him soak for an hour in a shallow dish of bottled mineral water under a UVB lamp. Then he gets to sort of burrow in moist cocoearth for most of the day. Occasionally he sheds his skin but doesnt eat it so i gently remove ut and he looks gorgeous then. I try to do gentle physical therapy a few times each day with him, passively moving his back and front legs which he always resists...he has gotten better from this i think. He still walks a little funny. His limbs are very strong. I just worry that he will never self feed and that i will harm his mouth skin ir jaw. When the MBD was bad his jaw was slack but now it is very hard to get his mouth open. I give him crickets (2 wk) with the back legs removed .( i hate doing that) but he never tries to catch them.
    That's good you are keeping a toad in very good conditions and that's very impressive. It may take the toad months to get better. I had a toad sick and she's doing better then your guy right now but it's months I will have to treat her for her to be healthy again. Sometimes it takes months and long periods of time for progress. I'm sorry I don't have any other tips to offer.

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    Default Re: Recovery from MBD?

    Mr Toad continues to do well. He gets around well, looks happy but still needs to be fed twice daily. He loves to soak and can get in and out of his water easily. In the daytime, i put him in a cocoearth cage to burrow in. At night, we put him in a sushi tray with moist paper towels because when it is closed, he can walk around but cant roll over accidentally when trying to poop or shed ( so i can get sleep without having to worry about him). He has uvb now and gets calcium and vit supplements on his crickets. I move his front legs isometrically every day so he will resist ( his “walkies” physical therapy) to make sure he stays very strong. Only problem is he wont self feed.

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