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Thread: Custom PVC Enclosure

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    Question Custom PVC Enclosure

    Hey Everyone,

    So as a few of you know I really want to upgrade my frog tanks. I have decided to try building my own out of PVC which if my calculations are right would be way cheaper then a Animal Plastics cage.

    Unfortunately none of my local hardware stores carries PVC sheets or boards in even a remotely workable size. So I'm limited to what can be shipped to me.

    I did find this site that can do cutting as well for you, however I do not know if this is the correct kind of PVC for a frog build.

    Can anyone confirm?


    Edit - Here are the cage sizes I was thinking of, since they will go on a shelving unit.

    Leopard Frog - 23" 27" 12" (W L H)

    Whites Tree Frog - 23" 47" 24" (W L H)

    Then in the future i would like a Pac man so...

    Pacman - 23" 18" 12"

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    Default Re: Custom PVC Enclosure

    The type of pvc used in pvc cages is usually extruded foam core type or so I’ve been told. However I’m goin to caution you that working with pvc sheet can be extremely difficult. Most pvc cages are manufactured with special equipment and in the absence of such you may be setting yourself up for some major aggravation.

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    Default Re: Custom PVC Enclosure

    I would go with polycarbonate sheets instead. The link you provided made me click on their polycarbonate menu as well, and they even have the multiwall kind... low weight but very sturdy.

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