Hello everyone!
This is the new thread for my Gray Tree Frogs and their enclosure the New PA Woods Vivarium.

This will serve as a weekend update regularly as I talk about the lives of these frogs and I will also give updates to the brethren enclosures that make up the PA Woods Vivariums which are my 125 gallon Western PA Woods and Pine Creek PA Woods Vivariums. You will hear some updates as all of these animals and enclosures are interconnected being members of the same ecosystem of PA and the inhabitants will also have lived together at some point which truly does connect them.

My goal is to use my knowledge of this species to inform, educate and interest you if you keep them or even if you don't. I will use my YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and my activity on the forums to inform and reach as many people as I can. I hope that you will join me and give me feedback and let me know how you feel about what's going on in with these amphibians. I value and enjoy your participation. I will have links of my YouTube Channel and Facebook Page as well as my care sheet of the Gray Tree Frogs and a link to join my community on YouTube!

I hope you will enjoy this thread and will give me feedback as to what you are most interested to see with the progression of this thread!

Make sure this Thanksgiving to checkout the new video coming out of the Tree Frogs Thanksgiving Battle as you the fans, followers and contributors will decide who wins the Gray Tree Frogs or their adversary the Whites Tree Frogs. Make sure to check in on Thanksgiving for the video!
This Thanksgiving I hope you spend it with Family, Food, Football and Frogs!

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Gray Tree Frog Care Sheet

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