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Thread: My new frogs - Microhyla pulchra (?)

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    Default My new frogs - Microhyla pulchra (?)

    My newest addition to the frogroom are 4 tiny Microhyla (probably pulchra). They are jumping like crazy (around 50-60 cm above the ground level!) and eating really well, since I gave them drosophila hydei with dendrocare vitamins. I put them into quarantaine tank on a lots of wet paper and got them into hottest place in my frogroom (around 26 C). I hope they will survive, they are really lovely. I am planning to put them into enclosure with half water and half land, which should be good for them (one guy in Poland claims they breed in such conditions and he had tadpoles even). For now, these tiny bug-eaters seem really well, but I heard they are hard to keep alive in captivity. Any of you has any experiance with keeping these frogs?

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    Default Re: My new frogs - Microhyla pulchra (?)

    Do you have pictures?

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