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Thread: Baby PacMan in the wrong habitat, help please!

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    Default Baby PacMan in the wrong habitat, help please!

    I just changed my PacMan's substrate for the first time, and the new stuff is thick and choppy by comparison. The Substrate I bought the first time was fine and when wet it was wet like dirt, this stuff is almost like wet wood-chips. I've heard that this is the wrong kind of substrate, if this is the case how should I proceed? Do I need to simply change it out and all is said and done, or is this sudden change followed by sudden change going to stress him out too much? On top of that, he seems to be struggling to catch his crickets. One has lived so long its grown considerably! He did however, eat a worm that I put in his tank today. This is the first time I've kept something that wasn't a mammal and I can't tell if my concerns are legit or if I'm being a Frog helicopter parent.

    Please help me out.

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    Default Re: Baby PacMan in the wrong habitat, help please!

    Do you know what brand of substrate you bought? I wouldn't be surprised if you accidentally grabbed coco husk instead of coco fiber, and I wouldn't worry too much if you did that. If he can still burrow in it, leave it. If you bought something like cypress mulch, I personally would change it out as soon as you get a chance to. You can post a picture if you need someone to help you figure it out. How old is your little guy? I don't own pac mans so I'm definitely not an expert on their feeding behaviors, but an adult frog will not eat everyday. Also, a new frog will still be stressed out for a little while. Some calm down in a few days, and some will be in attack mode for a few weeks lol. Also, you need to remove that one cricket. If a feeder insect is not eaten, you must remove if to it may start biting your animal! Just keep an eye on him, and if he likes worms more than crickets than I personally would feed those most of the time until you find something better. Good luck with your little guy!!
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    Default Re: Baby PacMan in the wrong habitat, help please!

    I've done this before. What you're using is kinda like wood chips am I correct? You can usually take it back and get a replacement.

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