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Thread: pacman frog not eating

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    Default pacman frog not eating

    hello! i recently i brought home a one eyed pacman frog. he had an accident due to too many crickets in his enclosure and had to have his eye removed. here's some info on his enclosure.

    • he's in a exo terra low terrarium 24x18x12
    • he's got a heat lamp and a heat mat on the side. his temp in the morning is usually 78-81 degrees. at night 74-76 degrees. humidity is usually around 70-75%. i mist 3-4 times a day.
    • he does have a water bowl and he occasionally jumps in it.
    • he has coconut fiber as substrate.
    • because of his visual disadvantage the vet recommended no crickets. slow moving is best. he usually eats night crawlers and occasionally pinkies. i tried dubia roaches but no interest.
    • he's between 9-12 months. we actually believe he's a she because of her hands but he hasn't grown much.

    last time he ate was last monday. i gave him a pinkie since he hasn't eaten night crawlers since before his eye removal. his eye has healed nicely. he's been burrowing in his substrate. i'm aware they aren't very active but i just worry that feeding him pinkies as a staple meal is healthy.

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