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    Question Heating system

    Hi everyone, I'm new here so I don't know if I'm in the correct section but I guess so...

    I'd like to "activate" my terrarium in order to keep the poison frogs if I'll be successful, at the moment I will try to make it biologically active, I've bought bromelias and various tipes of plants, uvb/uva lamps and everything is required.
    It's an exoterra 90x45x90cm.
    However I'm still unsure about how to heat the terrarium:
    I've bought a cable (100w x 9m) which is now under the soil buried in the gravel, which is separated from the soil and thus the roots of the plants. I've made some test and it works since it manages to heat the tarrarium and it provides humidity from below to the upper part of the enclosure, but there are no plants right now...
    I wonder if the terrain cuold get too warm before the whole terrarium reaches the required temperature and the termo-controller shut down the power... if it's the case (I'm still testing it) I've thought I could build an air chamber heated by the cable (which has to be taken out from the soil) and two pipes which will pump the air from outside to the chamber and then in the terrarium (I'll use some fans) in order to solve areation and heating problems all in once...

    What do you think wuold be the best solution?

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