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Thread: Pacman wont eat

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    Default Pacman wont eat

    Hey y'all! I know this is something that has been talked about many times before and ive searched for these threads in the past to get more info, but I've got a feeding problem.

    I got my albino pacman about two weeks ago and he hasn't eaten anything since then. I know that he's fine, he doesn't look any skinnier or anything, but I would still like if he would eat! He's about the size of a silver dollar, I can try posting pictures tomorrow, but I'm unsure of age. He's from a reputable reptile shop where he was being kept on the whole wet paper towel setup. I have him in a ten gallon tank with eco earth, one fake plant, a log hide, and a water bowl (I used dechlorinated water for everything). He spends most of his days buried and then comes out at night to move around, so its not like he's being super inactive. During the day he's got a heat lamp that keeps it between 80-85, usually hovering around 82-83 depending on my bedroom temperature that day. At night it drops down to about 75-77. His humidity is typically between 70-90. Every time I spray him down it goes up to 99 and then steadily drops, as soon as it hits 70 I spray him down again (sometimes it does fall down to 65 when I'm away in class but then I usually give him extra water when I get back). I mostly am trying to feed nightcrawlers. I tong feed small sections that I cut up to an appropriate size, wiggling them around in front of his face, but he never goes for them. I have even trie rubbing them across his mouth or in front of him and he doesn't even move. The most reaction I've gotten from him is him reaching up and what looks like pushing the food away, or rubbing at his mouth, with his front feet. He either does that or her just turns his body away from me. I typically try this for a while until I end up just leaving the worm in front of him for the night, but every time I come back its still there and he hasn't eaten it. I have tried a cricket, which he had no interest in. I originally tired a discoid roach, which he didn't seem to care about, but I dropped it in on accident and it disappeared pretty quick. I never saw it again so either its been living in the substrate for two weeks or at some point he ate it. I'm hoping he ate it.

    I haven't seen any poops but to be honest I don't really know what they look like, so its hard to tell if he's pooped in the eco earth. I've never seen him use his water dish but when I changed it a few days ago it was pretty dirty so I think he used it at least once (its been crystal clear the last three-is nights so he hasn't used it since). I feel like I'm doing everything right, I hope, so I don't see why he isn't eating. If anyone has any advice, I'm really hoping I can get him eating soon.

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    Default Re: Pacman wont eat

    Place crickets in front of it with its legs pinched off. At least one rear leg and 2 front legs. The cricket will wiggle, leave them frog alone and your frog will feel safe enough to eat. It worked for me with a 4 week food strike with one of my frogs and another picky one.

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