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Thread: What kind of baby frog is this?

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    Default What kind of baby frog is this?

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    I've been raising some tadpoles I found, and they are now turning into froglets. I would like to know what kind of frogs they are. I'm very curious and want to know how to correctly care for them as frogs!

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    Default Re: What kind of baby frog is this?

    It looks like one of the Gray treefrogs, either Cope's or versicolor, if they occur wherever these tadpoles came from.
    If not, check in a field guide for whatever species are native to the area where you found the tadpoles. They may be easier to ID once they have grown and colored up a bit.

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    Default Re: What kind of baby frog is this?

    Make sure that you can legally own them because states have laws you may need to have a fishing license or see if it's even legal to own them in your state. There are different rules on tadpoles.
    I wish you the best!
    They have to be a Gray or Cope's Gray Tree Frog

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