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Thread: Cane toad help?

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    Exclamation Cane toad help?

    So at a reptile expo I was told that a cane toad was a "Giant floridian marine toad" which confused me, I've never heard of that before, so I bought it after being told some information. I got home with it I and looked up a care guide I found out it was a Cane toad! I was very unprepared for what a cane toad needed and I cant find much information, can someone please help?
    Some of the information I need: Can they be kept in groups?
    What is their minimum tank size for 2 cane toads (1 if they can't be put in groups)
    Their behavior
    Information about their poison
    Can their tanks be 1/3 water and 2/3 coconut fiber?

    Current tank: 20 gallons
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    I was told the toad is young and it looks very small compared to pictures I've seen

    I have a basic aquarium hood with an incandescent aquarium bulb but im planning on using a proper reptile/amphibian hood with a 75 watt daylight bulb
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