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Thread: Pacific Chorus Frog Compatibility

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    Default Pacific Chorus Frog Compatibility

    Hello everyone, my name is Nathan.

    I have had, what I believe to be, a small (gray) Pacific chorus frog for a couple of months, and it has been very happy. I have her in a 10gal aquarium/terrarium with some moist sphagnum moss, smooth stones and a decent sized water container with de-chlorinated water. It stays at about 70-75F and about 65-75% humidity.

    When I had only had her for a few days, a friend of mine that I was talking to about her said that he always gets them in his back yard and offered to bring me another one if he could find one. I didn't see a problem with that, because I had read that Pacific chorus frogs are somewhat social and enjoy having another frog to keep them company.

    Well... He just brought me a frog tonight, and I believe it is another female Pacific chorus frog. My problem is it is approximately 1.5 inches and my other frog is only about 1 inch. Will the larger one attack the smaller one? Also, they are different colors, and I read somewhere that even different breeds of the same species of frog can have a negative chemical effect on each other.

    Can you please share your opinion on whether or not it would be wise to introduce them to one another, and how to go about doing so.

    Thank you, -Nathan

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    Default Re: Pacific Chorus Frog Compatibility

    Hi Nathan,

    Your new frog will probably try to eat your current frog, but whether or not she's actually able depends on the size difference. My tree frogs will make lunges at each other, my hands, my face, etc, but if it can't fit in their mouths, it's not a problem and they'll generally ignore it afterwards. So compare the size of your current tree frog to the size of the new one's head. If it's clearly much bigger, you're OK, else don't combine them. I doubt they'd actually "attack" or fight aside from those attempts. The fact that they're different colors is also not a problem. Frogs are individuals and are often different colors, and they also change color, so one that's brown today might be green tomorrow.

    That said, I think 10 gallons is probably much too small for two Pacific Chorus Frogs. Generally the minimum size tank if you want to keep multiples of any tree frog is around 27 gallons. So I definitely still wouldn't combine them.

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    Default Re: Pacific Chorus Frog Compatibility

    Update on my chorus frogs: I decided to go ahead and try putting them together, and they have been together for a few months now. They attack anything that moves, even if it's several times their size. Because of that they have tried to eat each other, many times but they never get stressed by each others attacks. Other than that they get along very well. They have been eating well and living happily in the ten gallon tank. I was also skeptical about the ten gallon being too small, but they seem to be thriving in it! Thank you for your reply and advice!

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    Default Re: Pacific Chorus Frog Compatibility

    I have had lots of Pacifics and spent a lot of time observing them in the wild. They are extremely social and would not eat ir injure another pacific regardless of size.

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