We have had a pixie frog for a couple months now (named Chubbs) he was 2 weeks old when we got him and for the first month he ate ferociously. I had assumed he would be regularly eating for a while since he was so young and in the growing stages. However about 2 weeks ago he stopped eating completely. Everyday I spend about 10 the 15 minutes waving food in front of his face with tongs and he doesn't seem interested at all. I noticed the past 2 days if I put food in front of him he snaps at it but doesn't actually make contact with it. It's almost like hes playing with his food, he will turn towards the food and square up with it like hes getting ready to eat it and literally just sits there and snaps close to it but does not actually grab it. When I try to feed him with my tongs he loses all interest almost like he doesn't like the tongs Or perhaps my presence scares him. We have been reading the forums and thought a nice honey bath would help him. When we did that it looks like he either shredded his skin or had some kind of abnormal poop. Before we ran into any issues he would eat 5 or so crickets a day sometimes more. I would also have days where I fed him meal worms instead of crickets. (About once ot twice a week) which he would eat 4 or more of the medium sized ones.

Since I know I will be asked and its vital information

He is in a 10 inch by 20 inch glass aquarium since hes still small.

Temps during day are 82° to 87°

Night temps drop in mid to low 70s

We have one light with a 60 watt bulb in it

We have a temp gauge with a hygrometer and humidity stays at 60 or higher typically we keep it at 80 to 90

The substrate where using is coconut husk. Which I have never seen him bury or dig in (despite what I see other pixies do online)

We have a walk in water area for him Which he will stay in for days at a time. Sometimes we have to make him get out because his skin will start to change colors. We have only used distilled water for him since we bought him.

He has a half log he can crawl under for cover.

We have his lighting schedule on a timer from 9am to 8pm