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Thread: Pac-Man Frog HELP!!!

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    Hello, I bought my pac-man from petsmart back in January. He was doing great up until about a month ago. All he has eaten since then is one superworm and one cricket. He refuses to eat. I have offered worms, supers, crickets, waxworms, and hornworms to no avail. Why won't he eat? He is rapidly losing weight. You can see his hip bones through his skin, he is not circular, and his head is thicker than the rest of his body. Every night he sits in the same spot and only twists around. If I move him, he moves right back. He has never used his water bowl, so I removed it. He has never been much of a mover. He has a slightly clouded eye, I gave him a raw honey bath and will do so again next week. The crickets go right in front of him, and i jiggle the worms with tongs, he won't even blink. I'm worried that I will lose him. What am I doing wrong? Please help me.

    Tank size: 10 Gallons
    Set up: Live plants with open area and a 4 inch deep coco substrate. He has a heating pad that keeps the tank at 76 degrees by the pad. Humidity at around 60%. i mist in the morning before school, when i get home, and before bed.

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    Not experienced enough to help on this but I did noticed is your temps are too low! 75 is about as low as you want to go at night, and day temps should be more like 79-83 degrees. Raise the temperature and leave him be otherwise, try not to stress him anymore than he already is by moving him, directly spraying him with water or offering food more than once a day, hope it turns out okay!

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